SUEDE in The Wacoan

Towards the end of 2022, we got to sit down with Kevin Tankersley, a writer for The Wacoan. We talked about how we met, our presence on- stage, and we even talked about new music...

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Getting the Band  Together

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In case you missed it, SUEDE was featured on KCEN Channel 6!!  We did a live performance filmed in the KCEN studio  lobby AND an interview with the amazing Jasmine Caldwell!

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Our second single is finally here!! Go check it out... more coming soon.

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We covered “How Deep is Your Love” during our rehearsal for our show at Backlit Buddha Studios in Kahului, HI. June 1, 2022

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Flow (Suede Classic)

Our first single is OUT NOW! Click the link below to stream everywhere!!!

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