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We covered “How Deep is Your Love” during our rehearsal for our show at Backlit Buddha Studios in Kahului, HI. June 1, 2022

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Upcoming Shows

10/1/2022 - Waco Cultural Arts Fest 8pm

Past Shows

6/12/2021- New Artist Showcase @ Rouge Media Network (Waco) 7pm

7/16/2021-Treno Pizzeria and Taproom (Temple) 6pm

8/21/2021- Treno Pizzeria and Taproom (Temple) 6pm

8/28/2021- New Artist Showcase @ Rouge Media Network (Waco) 7pm

9/18/2021- Pinewood Coffe Bar (Waco) 6pm

9/25/2021- Treno Pizzeria and Taproom (Temple) 6pm

10/7/2021- Braden Black w/ Suede @ Fountain Mall (Waco) 7pm

10/15/2021- Treno Pizzeria and Taproom (Temple) 6-8pm

10/23/2021- Halloween Show @ Stay Classy (Waco)11pm

11/4/2021- Treno Pizzeria and Taproom (Temple) 6pm

11/5/2021- Live Music @ Topgolf (Waco) 7pm

11/6/2021- Waco Farmer's Market 10am

11/6/2021- Family Day/Movie Night @ the Urban Farm (Temple) 4:30pm

11/7/2021- Cavalry Church Event @ Northern Gateway Pavillion (Waco) 5:30pm

11/19/2021- A Day in The Park (Nacogdoches, TX) 12pm

11/22/2021- Hemingway's Watering Hole (Waco) 6pm

12/2/2021- Christmas on 5th (Baylor Waco) 5pm

12/11/2021- Pineywoods Outreach Center Grand Re-Opening (Center, TX) 1pm

12/11/2021- One Day Bar (Waco) 6pm

12/15/2021- Homeless Outreach @ 7th Street Plaza (Waco) 12pm

12/31/2021- Private Event (Waco) 6:30pm

1/15/2022- Clase's 2nd Year Celebration @ The Jubilee Theatre (Waco) 7pm

3/5/2022- The Texas Music Cafe (Waco) 6pm

4/21/2022 - Freight's Battle of the Bands (Waco)

5/5/2022 - Freight Waco's Battle of the Bands Finale 8pm (WE WON !!)

5/14/2022 - Eastside Market's "Chalk Waco"

5/23/2022 - Hemingway's Watering Hole (Waco) 6pm

6/5/2022 - The Atrium @ BackLit Buhdda Studios (Kahului, Hawaii) 7pm

7/1/2022 - Suede w/ Bad Bongo @ Freeman Cajun Cafe (Dallas) 10:30pm

7/22/2022 - Topgolf (Waco) 7:30pm

8/2/2022 - Blaccent's Night Out Block Party (Waco) 8:30

8/29/2022 - Hemingway's Watering Hole (Waco) 7pm

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Flow (Suede Classic)

Our first single is OUT NOW! Click the link below to stream everywhere!!!

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