Meet Suede

Jesse Nemons

Our lead singer Jesse has a passion for both music and food! He currently works in the kitchen at Pignetti's (he loves to cook). When he's not cooking, singing or playing saxophone, he likes skateboarding and loves spending time with family and the homies.

Jonny Sais

Known professionally as "J.Sais", Jonny started playing guitar at 13 and was also a percussionist all throughout middle and high school. When he's not playing music he's probably enjoying one of his favorite video games like "Mortal Kombat" or "Siege".

Demetrius Allen

Born and raised in Waco, Demetrius has been playing drums his entire life and piano for the last 8 years. He recently graduated from Temple College with a music degree! His favorite color is red and he loves anime. Also... he's a Scorpio.

Stephen Williams

Steve has been playing piano since he was 9 yrs old and picked up guitar in high school. He's currently studying to be an air traffic controller but in his free time, he likes to watch anime and read light novels. Steve is also a fan of fighting games like "tekken" and "street fighter." If you're ever on Twitch, catch him streaming as “barcardisboy.” 

Ashton Yarbrough

Ashton has been playing bass for 11 years. He started as a classical bassist in an orchestra but has played all kinds of music including jazz, musical theatre, gospel, funk, rock and mariachi. He also works as a piano teacher and accompanist! Ashton currently lives in Hawaii but loves to travel! He makes it to shows with the band as often as he can!

Faith Allen

Just a Girl from Waco, Texas. Faith studies Music at MCC where she's in Opera and Choir. She loves to sing so much that she also sings in the choir at Spring Street Baptist Church. Her favorite things are cats, painting and spending money!